Facebook May Release New Premium Ad Product Feb. 29

9 三月

Facebook may announce a complete overhaul of its premium ads at next Wednesday’s invitation-only Facebook Marketing Conference in New York.

February 29 is shaping up to be a monster day for Facebook, as the social network will also reportedly announce the beginning of beta-testing of timeline for businesses, also at its FMC event.

The information below, as well as the screen shots, comes from leaked documents obtained by Peter Corbett, chief executive officer of social agency iStrategyLabs, and posted by GigaOM.

According to the documents, the following ad types will be phased out at the end of this month:

  • Premium like, photo and video;
  • Premium event, photo and video;
  • Video comment; and
  • Premium poll, photo and video.

Premium standard ads (links to destination off Facebook, photo and video) will still be available, as will marketplace ads, which are not affected since they are not considered part of the homepage.

The leaked document outlined the six types of premium ads that will be available as of the end of February:

  • Status updates: Up to 150 characters of text, no additional media;
  • Photos: Up to 90 characters of text, 185-pixel-by-104-pixel thumbnail, 16:9 aspect ratio (we previously reported the reduction from 135 characters to 90);
  • Videos: Up to 90 characters of text, 185-pixel-by-104-pixel thumbnail, 16:9 aspect ratio;
  • Links: Up to 90 characters of text, 75-pixel-by-75-pixel thumbnail;
  • Questions: Four answers will be displayed — three, plus a “see more” link; and
  • Events: Up to 90 characters of text, 75-pixel-by-75-pixel thumbnail.

The leaked documents say that the social network will offer the same analytics reporting options as it does with its current classic and premium ads. However, the revamped premium ads will only accommodate impression tags, and not click tags for third-party tracking.

The documents also say that Facebook’s team will provide advertisers with specific instructions based on their needs for each campaign.

The introduction of the new premium ads reads:

The ad is created from the content of your page post. Anything you can post on your page, you can turn into an ad.

When the person seeing your ad has friends who are fans of your page, we’ll automatically expand the ad with enhanced social context about those friends, at no extra cost to you.

When fans see your ad, they’ll see an expanded interface below the ad that lets them like or comment on the post directly from the ad.

And the documents’ concluding pitch is as follows:

At Facebook, we believe that businesses will be better in a connected world. We connect 800 million people and their friends to the things they care about. Your page is the place where your business connects with people, and premium ads and featured stories help you reach those people, and their friends, more often.

Premium Ads are more effective when they start from page posts. These ads put your page’s voice on the homepage, in front of your ideal audience. For your fans and their friends, it will expand to show how friends are connected to your brand alongside your message, all in one. This social context appears at no additional cost to you.

Premium Ads with enhanced social context are 80 percent more likely to be remembered, driving 40 percent higher engagement and a significant increase in purchase intent.

Facebook Premium Ads Overviewhttp://www.scribd.com/embeds/82289675/content?start_page=1&view_mode=list

By: http://www.allfacebook.com/premium-ads-facebook-2012-02




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