Rippled: Light Painting With Glow Sticks

5 五月

This is an amazing piece of light painting by local Melbourne director Darcy Prendergast, created for All India Radio’s new sound track, Rippled, which provides almost four minutes of pure eye candy.

The video has been six months in the making and is all shot in camera, frame by frame, by real people, in the real world, using long exposure techniques to capture the fluid movements available from the glow sticks, light sticks or what ever you call them!

Much of All India Radio’ music has a haunting desolate but ultimately beautiful tone. For RIPPLED, Darcy Prendergast, owner of “Oh Yeah Wow” really wanted to focus on locations that had been completely forgotten by society, filming in some of the most amazing abandoned factories. We layered this semi dystopian landscape with an abstract narrative, flirting with evolutionary themes. And the result is Rippled…. Wow, I love light painting! But who doesn’t?



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